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  • This season just keeps getting better and better. 

    Millennial, with Kelsey in tow, dealt with the aftermath of “42-gate” on Younger Season 6 Episode 9.

    The publishing world was rocked by Pauline’s scandalous revelation that Liza, formerly known as 1 of 2 awesome millennial editors, was, in fact, a 42-year-old woman. 

    The company was sinking, clients were dropping, authors were fleeting, but they didn’t have to be. 

    This negative reaction could have been prevented with better preparation from Team Millennial.

    Since they knew the truth, they were the ones holding all the cards and should have had a contingency plan in case someone exposed Liza. 

    And there were plenty of people who could have potentially pulled the trigger. 

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    Instead, they were trying to catch up with the headlines, which made it harder to change the narrative already painted about the company and its employees. 

    Zane was the only one with an outside perspective; he wasn’t close to Liza, he didn’t have any connection to her, nor did he owe her anything. 

    But his advice to fire Liza also overlooked the negative impact it would have had on the company. 

    Liza lied because a woman in her forties wasn’t granted the same opportunities in the workforce as a thriving woman in her 20s. 

    If they fired her, they’d only be feeding into the age discrimination that Liza was trying to combat with her illegal move in the first place. 

    They’d essentially be proving her point. 

    Zane was right in saying that Liza lied and made everyone, namely Kelsey and Charles, complicit, but he failed to acknowledge that they all knew about her lie and helped her cover it up. 

    They lied on her behalf, so in a way, they’re just as responsible for Millennial’s potential downfall as Liza. 

    Harboring a secret is equal to assisting someone in harboring said secret.

    I think this is crazy. She lied to you, made you all complicit, and now, it’s threatening your business. But you want to let her get away with it allowing her to endanger the company. You’re refusing to put out a very preventable fire. Write her a nice recommendation and get her out before she poisons the whole company.


    Millennial’s meeting on how to handle the situation also excluded two very vital people: Liza and a PR manager. 

    Does Millennial not have someone designated to handle a crisis? 

    Where was Lauren? Didn’t they hire her on as a social media expert?

    Sure, Diana is the queen of marketing, but she’s not equipped to spin stories into a positive for the company. At least, not these types of stories. 

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    Why was no one advising them on next steps?

    Liza also should have been in the room to stand up for herself because we all know she’s capable. 

    Some of Liza’s best moments happen when she stands up for herself and the people she cares about. 

    Yet, no one asked her how she wanted to move forward.

    There was a very clear way to spin this, and fortunately, Liza figured it out when she lashed out at Shelly from Infinitely 21. 

    Seriously, the play on brand names is downright hilarious. 

    Liza’s speech about millennial being an attitude, not an age was the return of our favorite Liza — power suit Liza.

    She was a real-life superhero who owned her truth and wasn’t going to be shamed for doing what she had to to survive. 

    Well, you want some tea, Shelly? Everyone is pretending to be younger. We dye our hair, we whiten our teeth, we wear moisturizing face masks that make us look like serial killers, and we squeeze our widening hips into Spanx because the most important thing to be in the whole goddamn world is 27. Should I have told the truth? Sure. But you know what? So should you. Millennial isn’t an age, it’s an attitude. And if you can’t sell that, we’ll go somewhere else.


    It was a mood, one that could very well sell a few hundred thousand books and work its way up to a bestseller. 

    I’m just saying! 

    Shelley was so impressed with Liza’s outburst that the company decided to embrace the older generation and make Liza the face of the campaign.

    At least there’s someone out there that sees the potential here.

    And so, Liza became the poster woman for combatting corporate ageism.

    This story made sense and felt like a huge win for not only Liza but Millennial and forty-something women everywhere. But that kind of went right down the drain (and into Enzo’s sewers) when the campaign manifested itself into a Liza and Josh reunion. 

    Seeing Josh support Liza was sweet, as was hearing him reminisce about the first time he met her, but it was also very contrived.

    At first, it wasn’t clear why the photographer kept looking at Liza and Charles with such disgust, and Diana’s comment about this looking like a “father-daughter” photoshoot felt slightly out of place until Josh arrived and the room lit up. 

    All of a sudden, Josh wasn’t some “phase” for Liza but the man that made her “millennial attitude” a possibility.

    And apparently, the only way a woman can look younger and more vibrant is when she has a younger man with tattoos as arm candy. 

    Infinitely 21 may have been trying to combat age discrimination, but they fed right into so many stereotypes. 

    And thus, the photo of Liza and Josh catching up and possibly wishing they could rewind the clock ended up becoming the photo Infinitely 21 ran with.

    Again, it was cute but problematic. 

    Charles didn’t see it yet, but he likely won’t be too pleased with how chummy Josh and Liza look. 

    He’s been very understanding about Liza and Josh’s friendship, but it’s evident there are still some sparks between them, and Liza doesn’t plan on cutting things off with Josh anytime soon. 

    Will this be yet another roadblock in her and Charles’ relationship?

    Charles spoke too soon when he said that things can only go up from here on out. 

    After hearing about the ad campaign, Quinn persuaded Liza to do a televised interview alongside her about corporate ageism. 

    It would have been a great piece for Millennial had Quinn’s intentions not come from a selfish place. 

    Quinn only wanted to make it seem like her goal was to combat a real workplace issue when in reality, all she cared about was boosting her campaign numbers. 

    Unfortunately, the whole thing backfired when Quinn was called out for lying about when she found out Liza’s real age. 

    Quinn’s never been able to own up to her own mistakes so when she was made out to look like an idiot on television, she blamed Liza and ordered Kelsey to fire her. 

    Shelly: So, how did this happen, Josh?
    Josh: Well, she wasn’t all done up like this. She was dressed way down, and she wasn’t really trying to impress anyone. She didn’t have to. She was smart and sexy. I would have believed anything that she said. I just wanted to keep talking to her. Plus, I was wasted. Okay? And it was like really dark.
    Liza: You liar.
    Josh: Oh, really? I’m the liar?

    Again, firing the woman who was just revealed to be 42 is counterintuitive and a bad look. Quinn of all people should know that. 

    Liza’s lie has hurt a lot of people, but this was all on Quinn. 

    She’s the one who wanted to use Liza as a prop in a sneaky publicity stunt and then got mad when people saw through her bullshit. 

    Kelsey’s been learning how to harness her power, especially in situations with people who have been in the game for way longer than she has, and she did it right by defending Liza and refusing to fire her for something beyond her control.

    But standing up to Quinn has obvious setbacks like losing funding for the company. 

    Yes, it’s not ideal, especially now that they’re potentially losing clients and authors because of the age scandal, but it’s also an opportunity. 

    No one liked working under Quinn’s regime. 

    She played a dirty game that only benefitted her. 

    There are plenty of other, better-suited investors out there, and potentially ones who will be inspired by Liza’s story. 

    This also allows Liza to finally make amends. 

    No one is holding any grudges against her, but her lie has made a mess of things. 

    As mentioned in the Younger Season 6 Episode 8 review, she’s never had to face any real repercussions for her lies while everyone else has had to pay in some way. 

    The company, the employees, and her friends all took a hit, but what does Liza get? An ad campaign and a sweet moment reliving the past with her hot ex Josh. 

    This may be the moment it all catches up with her. 

    She’ll be forced to do whatever is necessary to get Millennial back on its feet. 

    It’s the least she could do. 

    Zane’s aforementioned anger was explained as disappointment at Kelsey for not telling him the truth, but the truth wouldn’t have done anything for him.

    What Zane was really upset about was the status of his relationship with Kelsey. 

    They’ve been playing this cat-and-mouse game for far too long, and it was so refreshing to see them be completely honest with each other about their feelings. 

    They’re in love; it’s about time they accepted it and stopped wasting each other’s time. 

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    Admitting their feelings for each other was the first mature step for Kelsey and Zane. 

    They need to take a page out of Liza’s playbook and follow the “honesty is the best policy” motto from here on out. 

    Out of all of Kelsey’s love interests, Zane has staying power, so she can’t and shouldn’t mess this up.

    Kelsey: I’ve brought a peace offering.
    Zane: You’re going to cook? Do you know what a peace offering is?

    The guy offered to cook for her while he was mad at her for goodness sakes.

    Speaking of romantic relationships, Maggie hooked up with a man, and Liza’s reaction to seeing him in her apartment the next morning summed up my thoughts on the whole situation. 

    Maggie can, and should, sleep with whomever she wants, and I get that people are fluid and attracted to a wide spectrum of individuals, but having her entertain a man who was very clearly brushing off the fact that she was lesbian was upsetting and if you watch Younger online, it was so unlike her.

    She’s not the person to fall for these run-of-the-mill charms.  

    Then, it turned out he was some conqueror of lesbian women, so he could “flip” them as if that’s even a thing.

    Do people like this really exist?

    He really thought that his penis was so great that it would change a woman’s sexual orientation. You messed with the wrong lady, pal. 

    “The Flipper” was the definition of male-driven ego. 

    Maggie’s statement the morning after said it all: “I felt like I was being suffocated by a damp rug.”

    Welcome to dating in 2019.

    Other New-York-Minute Thoughts

    • I don’t know what was better — Diana using the face Bowflex to smooth out some lines or Charles walking in on her and being confused beyond belief. 
    • Did Josh get paid for that campaign? He was technically a huge part of the ad. 
    • Liza is so great with Charles’ girls. We need more family-bonding scenes to understand how important Liza is to the family.
    • Where is Caitlin?!

    How do you think Millennial is going to dig themselves out now that they’re a broke joke?

    What will Charles say when he sees Liza’s viral campaign with Josh?

    Let us know what you thought of the episode below! 

    And remember — millennial isn’t an age, it’s an attitude. 

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