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  • June and Commander Lawrence learned some very important lessons on The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 10.

    June learned that persistence pays off.

    Commander Lawrence, on the other hand, discovered the truth in the phrase “you made your bed, now lie in it” — metaphorically and literally.

    June was nothing if not determined to find someone to assist with her plan of rescuing the stolen children of Gilead.

    I hope she can trust everyone that she has told so far because she has told quite a few.

    At one point I half expected her to shout from the rooftops, “I plan on getting a truck and hauling ass out of here with a load of kids; anybody wanna help?”

    She didn’t seem the least bit deterred by Beth or Alma either.

    They both tried to convince her that it was a high-risk plan that would more than likely result in her death.

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    Even speaking it out loud could put her on the wall if the wrong ears overheard.

    June was unphased though and proceeded to share with anyone who would listen.

    Fred: I know last night was difficult. Thank you for your resilience.
    Serena: Well, we have to be a united front.
    Fred: Always.
    Serena: Fred, you’ve done so much for Gilead and I see that, but you’re getting distracted. Its been months and we’re no closer to Nichole.
    Fred: I’m assuring a life for her.
    Serena: You’re prioritizing yourself. And that’s enough now.
    Fred: Serena.
    Serena: I thought that the Gilead channels were the only way to get to Nichole, but they’re not. I met someone in Canada who can help us; an American. You just have to offer your cooperation.

    When she initially tried to get Commander Lawrence on board, he brushed her off claiming that his wife is safe there in their home.

    Boy did that statement come back to bite him later.

    June must have assumed Eleanor, with her worsening condition would be enough for Commander Lawrence to decide to take a stand and get her help, but it wasn’t.

    A few more pleas and a forced ceremony later, June finally gained an ally.

    I still don’t understand Commander Lawrence.

    Both he and his wife seem repulsed by the Gilead way, but he helped to create this world.

    Was he blackmailed or forced into it somehow?

    It was obvious that his household has never participated in a single ceremony.

    June had to instruct the Marthas where to stand, he didn’t know where his bible was, and most importantly, Eleanor stated that he promised they’d never have to participate.

    June: You just treat it like a job. Try to detach yourself. See from the outside. You’re not you, I’m not me. This is a transaction and then it’s over.
    Commander Lawrence: Are you sure?
    June: Mm. It’s easier if you close your eyes.

    What did he think was going to happen? Everything comes back around in life.

    What you put out into the universe will always find its way back to you in one way or another.

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    A lot of people turn a blind eye thinking certain things will never happen to them, but no one is safe, especially in Gilead.

    Honestly, I felt bad for all of them in that moment.

    June though, June was a pillar of strength.

    Here you have a woman who is about to be forced into another sexual encounter, especially one that could very well result in a pregnancy.

    What does June do?

    June comforts Eleanor and encourages Commander Lawrence.

    She lets them both know that this is okay; it is going to be okay.

    Serena stated on The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 9 that June was supposed to be strong.

    Commander Waterford: Are you alright?
    June: Mm. I mean, at least it wasn’t you.

    She put her feelings aside and comforted the people who helped to put them all in the situation they were in.

    She sacrificed herself, her body, and her peace of mind, all for the greater good.

    You can’t tell me that June isn’t strong.

    Maybe June did break, but she bounced back, ready to fight.

    I was thankful to see the return of level headed June.

    She has been angry and impulsive lately, but her time away did her good.

    She was finally able to see that open rebellion was accomplishing nothing more than getting her in trouble.

    She is going to have to be sneaky and pretend like she is abiding by all of the rules.

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I was losing hope.

    Season 3 has been full of despair, and I’ve had a hard time even imagining the light at the end of the tunnel, but I’m hopeful it’s still there.

    It has to be, right?

    We can’t have a story so full of heartache, and not have someone rise above. 

    Let’s focus on the culprit of this forced ceremony for a moment — Fred Waterford.

    We know that Fred wanted to have June transferred to Washington, but why?

    Fred is not focused on getting Nichole back, much to the dismay of Serena.

    We know that he is gaining more power as his alliance with Commander Winslow grows.

    He is slowly implementing the veils and rings and introducing new regulations regarding other households.

    So, why does he want June in Washington?

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    Fred bringing up Commander Lawrence during his conversation with Commander Winslow  was nothing more than a ploy to get him into trouble, and Serena could see right through it.

    She tried to point out the absurdity of it but knew she had to tread lightly in the presence of Commander Winslow.

    She had already slipped up by making a comment revealing her knowledge, and Commander Winslow was not pleased about it.

    She better watch it, or she might end up with a set of rings in her mouth.

    Fred must have assumed that Commander Lawrence would not go through with the ceremony as he seemed rather disappointed when it was confirmed a success.

    June: How is Eleanor?
    Commander Lawrence: She’s very quiet. A collector’s item…
    June: The punishment for contraception is being torn apart by dogs.
    Commander Lawrence: That’s right.
    June: That’s not gonna be the last time that happens, you know that right?
    Commander Lawrence: I know. I’ll get you a truck. You get my wife out safely.
    June: You can get out too. You just have to bring them something; something valuable. Kids, the stolen children of Gilead.
    Commander Lawrence: I’d be a hero.

    How about that response from June when he asked if she was alright?

    That’s what you get Fred!

    He is completely delusional if he thinks for one minute that June ever felt anything for him.

    She did what was necessary for survival, and that is all.

    Perhaps his obsession with June stems from her reluctance to just lay down and take it.

    Regardless, the feeling is not mutual.

    If Serena’s goal was to reunite with Nichole then I don’t think it was a smart decision to reveal her secret phone and the fact that she has connections in Canada to Fred.

    Granted, I do not want Serena or Fred anywhere near Nichole.

    I’m just saying Fred may not be the most trustworthy ally for Serena.

    Fred has already shown that he is more interested in climbing the political ladder, and trying to pursue June again.

    Serena is aware of these things, so what would make her think that he wouldn’t turn on her to save himself?

    The fact that the episode ended with a close up of a smiling June instead of an angry June has to mean something good is coming.

    Well, hopefully, anyway. After nine episodes of darkness, that light is bound to start seeping through soon.   

    Can Serena really trust Fred? 

    Will Commander Lawrence be able to help June get the children out? 

    Will they get caught in the process?

    And for the love of all things, when is Nick coming back?

    Hit the comments below and share your thoughts! 

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