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  • Here’s what to expect from the Robert Mueller testimonies  POLITICO

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  • Here's what to expect from the Robert Mueller testimonies

    If recent history is any guide, Robert Mueller’s much-anticipated Capitol Hill appearance on Wednesday will fizzle into a mix of political grandstanding by the questioners and frustratingly narrow answers from the star witness. Congress's biggest public chance to highlight the links between the Trump campaign and Russia, and the president's acts of obstruction, will become a chance for members to showcase their wit, score politcial points and maybe even go viral with a dramatic exchange. This one was originally scheduled for last week, and a main reason for its delay is that the junior members of the Judiciary committee wouldn’t have enough time to get their own questions in.

    So far, the solution has been to expand the hearing time. Here’s a better one: None of the members should ask the questions at all.

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