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  • Vacations are always a good idea. Well, usually. Some television characters are so in love with their work that the idea of being away from it is anything but relaxing. 

    We've put together a list of workaholics who will do anything to get out of relaxing.

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    On this list, there are characters who take busman's holidays, where their work follows them wherever they go. 

    Then there are characters who would rather volunteer rather than having some rest and relaxation. 

    There are even some who seem too busy even to contemplate a vacation. 

    Here are 19 examples of TV characters who don't know how to chill on vacation.

    1. Grace Hansen (Grace & Frankie)

    When Frankie said they were going on a girls trip, she thought Frankie meant a spa. Instead, the pair end up at an ashram run by one of Frankie’s friends from the 70s. On the cusp of starting their new business, Grace finds it hard to give up her phone and be out of contact should anything go wrong. While she was reluctant at first, she did come away learning a few things about herself.

    2. Temperance Brennan (Bones)

    19 TV Characters Who Don't Know How To Chill On Vacation
    Temperance Brennan used her vacation to identify Katrina Victims on Bones Season 1 Episode 19, “The Man in the Morgue.” While it was a noble cause that we entire support, we side with Seeley Booth that she works too much and really needs to take a proper vacation.

    3. Dana Scully (The X-Files)

    Dana scully the x files - 19 TV Characters Who Don't Know How To Chill On Vacation
    Dana Scully tried hard not to get sucked into a case on her vacation to Maine on The X-Files Season 5 Episode 10, “Chinga.” Yet, all the “I’m on vacation” didn’t stop her from ending up on a busman’s holiday when a little girl, and her doll, were making the town’s inhabitants injure themselves.

    4. Jo Karev (Grey’s Anatomy)

    Jo karev greys anatomy - 19 TV Characters Who Don't Know How To Chill On Vacation
    It’s hard to be mad at Jo Karev for not knowing how to chill on her vacation when you consider the end result means that the Karevs will be staying in Seattle. On Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episodes 1 and 2, it looks like the Karevs will be Boston bound for Jo’s fellowship. However, Jo spends part of her honeymoon working out a project she wants to do for a fellowship, and they even come back early to pitch it to Miranda Bailey at Grey-Sloane.

    5. The Doctor (Doctor Who)

    The doctor doctor who - 19 TV Characters Who Don't Know How To Chill On Vacation
    When you’re a Time Lord with all the knowledge of the known universe, trouble seems to follow you wherever you go. A prime example of this is Doctor Who Season 4 Episode 10, “Midnight,” when the Doctor decides to take a day trip and ends up on a bus hijacked by an entity. While the ride starts off having a nice conversation, he gets embroiled with what’s going on and almost ends up thrown out the airlock for his trouble.

    6. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

    Sheldon cooper the big bang theory - 19 TV Characters Who Don't Know How To Chill On Vacation
    Sheldon Cooper doesn’t want to take a vacation so much that he tries to sneak back into work on The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 16, “The Vacation Solution.” Sheldon ends up spending his required vacation in Amy’s biology lab where he has to clean beakers, count spores, and take a hair-thin locus coeruleus from a brain sample. It does not go well.

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