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  • Television couples break up all the time. it's not always the couple's fault though. If left alone, many TV couples would have continued to live blissfully. Unfortunately, it's not always up to the couple.

    There are plenty of TV characters who make it their mission to break up our favorite ships. The motives can vary. It can stem from disapproval or revenge. There have also been times when characters broke up a pair of lovebirds thinking it was for the greater good.

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    Many times, love will triumph. These are not those instances. Below are examples of characters who managed to succeed in ending some great love stories.  

    1. Penny – Grey’s Anatomy

    Penny was the only doctor who knew how best to save Derek’s life, but her supervisor refused to listen, which resulted in Derek dying. Unfortunately, and unfairly, Penny was the one scapegoated for ending the series-defining romance of Meridith and Derek.

    2. The Founders – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    19 Characters Responsible For The End Of A Great Love
    The Founders thoroughly disapproved of Odo having feelings for Kira and attempted to undermine their relationship at any given opportunity. The sabotage never fully succeeded, but Odo ended up leaving Kira in order to help his fellow changelings come to a better understanding of humanoids.

    3. Emily & Richard Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

    Emily and richard gilmore girls gilmore girls - 19 Characters Responsible For The End Of A Great Love
    Emily and Richard scheming to pair Rory up with someone of higher status led to Rory and Dean breaking up for the last time. Though the elder Gilmores’ method shouldn’t be applauded, putting a permanent wedge between Rory and Dean was a good thing given how their relationship devolved from a sweet first love into something toxic.

    4. Sgt. Alvin Moore – Boy Meets World

    Sgt alvin moore boy meets world - 19 Characters Responsible For The End Of A Great Love
    Knowing how much Angela wanted to spend time with her dad, Shawn let her leave him to live in Europe. Their farewell was open-ended enough to hope they could handle a long-distance relationship. Alas, in Girl Meets World, we learn they didn’t get back together.

    5. Penn Epner – Veronica Mars

    Penn epner veronica mars - 19 Characters Responsible For The End Of A Great Love
    Veronica Mars’ universe is populated with plenty of shady and vile people, and Penn Epner is now at the top of the list. He planted the bomb that killed Logan just hours after he and Veronica finally wed.

    6. Titus – The 100

    Titus the 100 - 19 Characters Responsible For The End Of A Great Love
    As the Flamekeeper, Titus wanted what was best for his people and Lexa. Meanwhile, Lexa and Clarke had gone from enemies to uneasy allies to falling in love. Just after their relationship was consummated, Titus attempted to kill Clarke, only a stray shot led to him killing Lexa instead.

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